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How the ESU MBA Program Can Superpower Your Entrepreneurial Skills

Small business success stories have inspired even Fortune 500 companies to reconsider how they do their work, but how can you incorporate startup culture into your everyday business dealings? As more companies expect their teams to initiate and innovate, those with advanced degrees rise above the rest.

Here is how the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is helping today’s business professionals not only sell and market but also lead.


Instead of waiting for management to hand down a vision, today’s business leaders may be asked for their input in creating the mission statement or goals of a growing company. Once established, that vision should always be a top priority. With every task managed, call made, or sales pitch offered, real business leaders should keep that vision the top of mind. This will manifest itself in daily tasks, such as helping others succeed, refining processes, and continually questioning if the work they are doing supports that vision — or if it acts as a distraction from what really matters.


Creating strategic goals and campaigns is not just about setting the milestones and methods for assessment. It involves understanding how various departments and even the customer can contribute to outcomes. Savvy strategists know situations are always changing and are keen to tweak methods to keep the end game in sight. In startup business settings, strategy requires speaking with others at the company across all departments and remaining open to the knowledge of someone at a lower company rank. Everyone has ideas and skills to bring to the table.


Entrepreneurs have a special gift of persistence, even when the outlook seems impossible. That same motivation is not designed just to keep them moving, however. It must be infectious and easily replicated. Those who can express genuine enthusiasm for that company vision — and share it with others organically — will be presented with more leadership opportunities.

Tech Know-How

It is no longer acceptable to throw all issues to the I.T. Department. In fact, more and more startups require their own, internal talent to have backgrounds in coding and UX design, even if they are not tasked with handling either task. If you do not have a strong tech background, it is not too late to dip your toe in the water. Technology changes so often that it’s appropriate to jump in at any time. Taking time outside of your workday to further grow your knowledge base is not just admirable; it is expected.

How to Make Your Mark

Today’s business professional is expected to have many refined abilities. Highly competitive businesses depend on employees to pivot and take on new responsibilities as needed. To make yourself valuable, it is essential you gain knowledge and have a chance to test your talents in real-world settings.

An online MBA may be the place to start. An advanced business degree both captures the education requirements top businesses seek and provides a safe place to build valuable business connections. MBA degrees give students the tools to refine processes while analyzing what works so graduates can help businesses adapt in an ever-changing world.

With an online program, you can continue working full or part time while learning essential skills. In just 12 months, you could gain a degree and be closer to a role as a chief financial officer, financial advisor, management consultant, or director of marketing — or even go on to start your own business!

Learn more about Emporia State University’s online Master of Business Administration program.


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