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What is an MBA With a Concentration in Information Systems?

Behind every computer application and digital service, professionals in information systems are working to invent, design and implement these complex technologies. Imagine how different our world would be without their skills — without millions of people, places, products and media, all instantly available at the touch of a button.

You need only 25 years’ worth of biological memory to appreciate how far technology has brought us. Visionaries and experts in information systems played a major role in advancing our lives into the digital age, and the progress we will make over the next 25 years may dwarf what we have already witnessed. Even more exciting for many candidates of MBA programs with a concentration in information systems is the prospect of being a leader in the digital revolution.

Technical Expertise and Business Acumen in One Program

The online MBA with a concentration in Information Systems program prepares students to fill high-demand positions as computer and information systems managers who can support critical technological objectives. Otherwise known as information technology (IT) managers, these professionals determine the technology aims of their organizations and help to plan and direct activities toward the realization of these goals.

There are several types of information systems that graduates may support:

  • Management Information System (MIS): These systems help organizations to manage people, information and technology.
  • Decision Support System (DSS): These computer-based applications organize and analyze business data to enable better decision-making throughout an organization.
  • Executive Information System (EIS): These systems enable senior executives to make strategic business decisions by providing access to critical data.
  • Transaction Process Systems (TPS): Also known as operations support systems, these systems process transactions and enable collection, modification and retrieval of data.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): These systems help organizations make optimal use of their resources, including people and technology, to support business processes. (This course is an elective option.)

What Do Students Learn?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Many organizations require their computer and information systems managers to have a graduate degree as well. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is common and takes 2 years beyond the undergraduate level to complete. Many people pursuing an MBA take classes while working, an option that can increase the time required to complete that degree.”

The degree is sought after because what students learn is highly correlated to the available work. As technology continues to advance, demand for these skills continues to rise. Because the program is an MBA, students gain a solid foundation of knowledge in core business subjects including finance, managerial economics and marketing. They learn critical leadership skills such as communication, problem-solving, team management and project management. Once into the information systems curriculum, students gain applicable skills in network administration, database systems, and hardware and software.

What Classes Are Offered at ESU?

The Emporia State University online MBA with Information Systems Concentration program consists of 12 courses, which can be completed in as few as 12 months. Core courses address business management disciplines, including managerial economics, marketing management and advanced financial management. This is followed by two required courses in accounting information and systems analysis and design. Finally, students choose three elective courses from a choice of seven, with topics including enterprise resource planning, IT project management and consumer behavior.

For candidates with strong aptitudes for all of these disciplines, an MBA with a concentration in information systems provides the training in management skills and technical expertise to develop technology-driven business solutions as the digital revolution gains momentum.

Learn more about Emporia State University’s online MBA with Information Systems Concentration program.


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