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Benefits of Master’s Degree in Education at Emporia State

Earning a master’s degree in education can be a smart decision for teachers looking to advance in their careers. Emporia State University (ESU) offers five different online Master of Science (MS) degree programs in education. These programs are designed to help teachers focus their studies on an area of interest such as teacher leadership and training, curriculum development and leadership, or school administration. By earning an MS in education, teachers can further develop their knowledge and skills as educators, while gaining the credentials necessary to pursue more advanced positions in the field.

How Can Earning a Master’s Degree Help Me Improve as an Educator?

What is your purpose in being a teacher or educator? There are probably a few answers that come to mind. Making a living is certainly important. But chances are, a big reason why you’re an educator is simply to help children learn.

ESU’s online educational master’s degree programs offer in-depth study of current practices, teaching methodology, curriculum design and coherence, and other advanced topics in modern education. Incorporating what you learn through studying these topics can help you better address the learning needs of today’s diverse student body. So, in essence, earning a master’s degree in education can help you become a better teacher, something most teachers constantly strive for.

How Can a Master’s Degree Help Me Advance in My Education Career?

Beyond the intrinsic value of helping you grow and develop as an educator, earning a master’s degree focused on education can also offer clear benefits in terms of career advancement. Master’s level education degrees are required or preferred for many higher-level jobs in education. Hence, earning a master’s degree in education can be an important step toward pursuing a higher-level position within the educational system.

What Types of Positions Can ESU’s MS in Education Programs Prepare Me For?

ESU’s online MS in education specializations are designed to prepare educators for various positions by addressing their specific learning goals.

ESU’s MS in Educational Administration focuses on administrative topics such as leadership and organizational structures. This degree program is intended for future administrators like principals, vice principals, assistant principals and directors.

ESU also offers four MS in Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) degree programs focusing on different aspects of curriculum design and practical implementation:

These programs are tailored to suit the needs of various positions such as curriculum directors and specialists, department heads, teacher leaders, instructional specialists and coaches, and teachers who wish to pursue becoming a National Board Certified Teacher.

What Is the Financial Benefit of Earning an MS in Education?

The financial benefit of earning an MS in education can be substantial. For instance, a master’s degree in education such as ESU’s MS in Educational Administration is generally required to be a school principal. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, K-12 principals made an average of $94,390 per year in 2017. That amounts to well over $30,000 more than the average annual income of K-12 teachers with a bachelor’s degree.

Clearly, those with an education-related master’s degree have a higher earning potential than those without. And they can further use what they learn to improve the quality of instruction and organizational health in their schools. Whether as a teacher, teacher leader, specialist or administrator, you can pursue your professional goals by earning an MS in education.

Learn more about Emporia State University’s online master’s degree programs in Education.


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